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The Only Online Language Tutoring Standing Offer

Last year, the Department of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) awarded LRDG the first-ever Canadian National Master Standing Offers for online-based official language tutoring and self-study programs.

Securing the standing offer makes LRDG the only provider federally authorized by the Canadian government to deliver online language tutoring services to any Government of Canada departments, agencies, crown corporations and 350,000 public employees.

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The two-decade journey that led us here…


This standing offer represents 20 years of financial investment and development by LRDG in re-inventing and re-imagining the official language learning industry in Canada, which has burdened second-language learners under a rigid, antiquated learning model that has failed to deliver results. It’s another important step towards our ultimate goal, to help as many government employees as possible

– Jeremy Frohlich, COO.

What is a Standing Offer?

Rather than a request for a proposal or contract bid, a standing offer is a pre-approved proposal from a supplier to provide goods or services at pre-established prices and terms. That offer becomes a contract for when a “call-up” is issued.

Benefits of Standing Offers

Time efficiency

Standing offers streamline and simplify the procurement process by providing pre-negotiated fees and terms.


Organizations can call up services as needed, without any obligation to purchase a minimum quantity or meet a specific spending threshold.

Reduced risk

Due to a competitive vetting process, standing offers provide a level of certainty regarding a supplier’s reliability and the quality of their goods or services.

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Hear from
Successful Learners


Since the beginning of our partnership with LRDG, we have only had good things to say about the platform. Over 300 employees have signed up for LRDG so far, and the results are incredible. I personally used LRDG as well and it was a great experience for me. The information was quite in-depth, and I thought it was very enlightening. I found the modules straightforward to navigate and the technology was highly user-friendly. LRDG has allowed our organization to promote and increase bilingualism.

– Malika Y.

Revolutionizing Canada’s
Path Bilingualism

User-Focused Learning Model

Canada’s traditional language learning services are failing to accommodate the modern learner and produce actual results. LRDG’s unique, three-pillar methodology of self-study, expert instruction and personal learning portal is revolutionizing second-language learning.

Earn Levels On the First Attempt

Using LRDG’s system significantly increases the likelihood of passing Second Language Evaluations (SLEs) on a first attempt, resulting in overall time and monetary savings. Employees who complete our training are prepared to pass oral and written fluency exams and achieve their B and C second language Levels.

Proven Results

LRDG’s learning platform has tutored 30,000 language learners since 2002, including contracts with government agencies, contractors, hospitals, businesses, and individuals. Our approach has resulted in an industry-leading 90% PSC SLE success rate for French-English fluency.

State-of-the-Art, Accessible LMS

LRDG recently completed a two-year, $1 million investment to upgrade LRDG’s back-end infrastructure. This has overhauled the platform’s user experience and performance while simultaneously bringing it into compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standards. This rating means LRDG’s platform and content are usable to people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, learning and neurological disabilities.

Hear from
Successful Learners


At LRDG they are kind, caring, and supportive, yet not afraid to correct you, which is great! I’m very satisfied with the progress I’ve made with LRDG. When speaking with my partner and his family whom are francophone, they have noted there is an improvement in my proficiency and confidence.

– Selin | Shared Services Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Rather than a request for a proposal or contract bid, a standing offer is a proposal from a supplier to provide goods or services at pre-established prices and terms. That offer becomes a contract for when a “call-up” is issued.

There are many benefits to issuing a call-up against a standing offer. This includes competitive and pre-negotiated prices, time efficiency, simplified procurement, reduced risk and flexibility.

A standing offer can be called up against by certain authorized officials within federal agencies, departments, or organizations. These officials typically have approval authority within their respective organizations.

Because standing offers are pre-arranged, they can be secured relatively quickly, avoiding bid periods and other typical procurement delays. We generally advise government clients to expect two to three weeks for their call-up to be processed.

The process of making a call up against a standing offer can vary greatly depending on numerous factors. Our sales team will be best able to guide you through the process depending on your agency and position.

First-Ever Online Language Tutoring Standing Offers

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