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How Far Can You Rise in Your Career??

Working in your second language means truly mastering all three competencies: Writing, reading, and speaking. In fact, over half of Executive positions in the Federal public service require these skills.

Because most Manager and Director-level positions require at least a BBB (and some require a CBC), Federal public service employees will progress further in their careers more quickly by strengthening their abilities in a second language.

Being bilingual is both a challenge and a gift. With us, you can get your B & C levels faster, in a way that fits your schedule and learning style.

The Benefits of Language Training with LRDG

Build Confidence

We’ll help you tackle your second language evaluation test (B & C levels) with confidence. Thanks to our unique methodology and 1 on 1 (or small group) approach, you always get the attention you need to succeed. With our help you’ll be able to navigate formal work-related situations in your second language, and get your SLE levels quickly and efficiently. 

Create Personalized Learning Plans

Learn YOUR way with a personalized course plan. Whether you’ll need to perform writing tasks dealing with work-related topics or simply converse in a coherent manner with colleagues, we can tailor a plan that works for you.

Flexible Scheduling & Training Options

Our SLE training is compatible with your schedule AND budget, and our language teachers make language testing easy. Before long you’ll move beyond being able to write isolated words on only very familiar topics to being able to write explanations or converse on even the most complex topics. 

Expert Advice & Training

Tutoring experts will guide any Federal Government employee through the learning process so that they can tackle any test of written comprehension or test of oral proficiency with ease. With LRDG, you will not only practice, but master your speaking and writing skills. 

Pass on Your First Try

We are experts in the market, helping our clients with any test of reading comprehension, SLE test of oral proficiency or written expression. Over 25,000 happy clients are a testament to our successful program, helping our learners achieve their B & C oral levels on their first try.

Get Your B & C Levels Faster with LRDG

Get Your Levels Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want

Access our methodology for as low as $62.50/week. 

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SLE Preparation Program

A comprehensive SLE preparation program, providing you with strategies and industry information on all aspects of each SLE exam.

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Accelerated SLE Preparation courses

An efficient, condensed group SLE preparation program, designed for more advanced French (or English) speakers, delivered over 18 hours of learning.

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Full-Time Program

A fully immersive, 882-hour program that will allow you to go from complete beginner to achieving your ESL or FSL CBC proficiency levels in just over a year.

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Part-Time Program

Busy schedule? No problem! In as little as 4 hours per week, you can improve your English or French and achieve your desired CBC government proficiency levels!

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You get unlimited access to our entire 15-module LRDG Portal, spanning the entire A, B, C Curriculum of the PSC, Learning Community, Chit Chat, Learning blocks and more.

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If you don’t use it, you lose it! Don’t wait for your levels to expire before restarting your training. Save time and budget by maintaining your current level instead!

LRDG Training: Easy to Access

Find out if any of LRDG’s language training programs are already offered by your department. Click here to find out if yours is one of the 25+ departments we work with.

The Plan

1 - Get Your Personalized Plan

 Schedule a call with us to evaluate your FSL or ESL level

2 - Get Access

Receive personalized course plan and get access to online learning materials and tutoring

3 - Achieve Your Goals

Master your second language and get your levels


LRDG: The Leading Language Provider With the Resources and Staff to Help You Succeed


Our system is different; it’s not simply a traditional language class held over Zoom. Instead, we focus on providing second language instruction for both individuals and small groups that combines one-on-one attention with the online learning resources you need. For every hour of coaching with your tutor, you get 3 extra hours of guided learning in your portal. This gives you the flexibility of learning whenever and wherever you want. 

The three pillars of our methodology are:

  1. Weekly practice and self-study
  2. Experienced tutors
  3. Your learning portal

On top of that, you get a team of four continuously guiding you and supporting you towards language learning success. These four professionals include a product specialist, a personal tutor, a pedagogical advisor and an account manager/client success agent.

Learning Language: A Personal Experience

At LRDG, we believe that learning a language should be a personal, interactive and evolving experience. All you need to do is take the first step. Choose a language course that will help you achieve your goals, and before you know it you’ll share in the success along with thousands of other Public Service employees that have joined us since 2002. 

Our 90% PSC SLE test success rate is a testament to the quality of our program. 

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Much More Than Just an Online Classroom

Online language training is very different from traditional classroom training. Our online training resources provide both individuals and small, targeted groups with a more active, hands-on approach. We focus our training to the needs of each learner. 

Since 2002, we have been innovators in the language industry. We pioneered an online language training resource geared specifically towards your needs. As the government’s leading language provider, we’ve built a curriculum to help YOU and YOUR TEAM in all aspects of reading, writing and oral proficiency.

What You Get:

Your LRDG Language Training Includes:

The Price

To pass a reading comprehension test, a test of written expression, or an oral exam, we’ve got you covered. Get Access To Language Learning Success for as low as $62.50/week!