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Our Maintenance & Preparation Programs


  • Maintain and improve your B and C writing levels to reduce the time you’ll need to reinvest in future training
  • 1 hour of tutoring per week


Don’t lose your levels! Maintain and even improve your fluency. This will save you from having to reinvest as much time, energy, and money in future training.

SLE Preparation Program

  • An average of 20 hours of one-on-one tutoring per SLE test (written expression, oral interaction, and written comprehension)
  • 24/7 access to interactive online learning materials to help you practice your written and oral comprehension and expression skills
  • Oral comprehension and speaking activities to ensure you are prepared for the TOP
  • Centered around YOU and the areas YOU need to improve
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by getting familiar with the test’s format
  • Receive helpful feedback on fluency, vocabulary, and appropriate grammar usage
  • Get strategies designed to help you reach your desired proficiency levels
  • A minimum level is required for this program.

Interested in Our Programs?

We’ll start by giving you a preliminary oral evaluation. This will determine your eligibility for our second language evaluation (SLE) preparation program and/or place you in one of our 16 online language-learning modules. It will also give your tutor the information needed to tailor the lessons to YOU and your needs, ensuring your success!

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What Makes Our
Programs so Unique?

LRDG: The Leading Language Provider With the Resources and Staff to Help You Succeed

Teaching vs tutoring

Our system is different; it’s not simply a traditional language class held over Zoom. Instead, we focus on providing second language instruction for both individuals and small groups that combines one-on-one attention with the online learning resources you need. For every hour of coaching with your tutor, you get 3 extra hours of guided learning in your portal. This gives you the flexibility of learning whenever and wherever you want.

The three pillars of our methodology

Self-study / Experienced tutors / Your learning portal.

On top of that, you get a team of 4 continuously guiding you and supporting you towards language learning success: a product specialist, a personal tutor, a pedagogical advisor and an account manager/ client success agent.

Learning Language: A Personal Experience

At LRDG, we believe that learning a language should be a personal, interactive and evolving experience. All you need to do is take the first step. Choose a language course that will help you achieve your goals, and before you know it you’ll share in the success along with thousands of other Public Service employees that have joined us since 2002.

Our 90% PSC SLE test success rate
is a testament to the quality of our program.

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Did You Know ?

When you learn with lrdg, there are at least 4 teams involved in your success?!​

Smiling teacher beside a white board

Tutors and Evaluators

Smiling women on a virtual call in a cafe

Pedagogical Advisors

hands holding orange sticky notes

Account Managers

Smiling man on a virtual call through a laptop, using big headset

Customer Success Team

What Our Graduates Say

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Shared Services Canada

At LRDG they are kind, caring, and supportive, yet not afraid to correct you, which is great! I’m very satisfied with the progress I’ve made with LRDG. When speaking with my partner and his family whom are francophone, they have noted there is an improvement in my proficiency and confidence.

- Selin | Shared Services Canada

Logos Military Family Services

Military Family Services (MFS) has been working in partnership for over four years with LRDG. The whole LRDG team has played a huge role in the modernization of adult second language training for Canadian Armed Forces families. Their language programs are adaptable and of high quality. The program delivery allows military families to learn in the comfort of their homes. This helps increase their confidence with speaking, where the local language is not their first language.

- Lisa Vaters | Military Family Services

Shared Services Canada

I am now capable of participating in meetings all in French, leading presentations, and giving employee trainings with no problems. Both tutors I had were very good in guiding me and helping me advance. They were very supportive and very accommodating. I also liked the ease of accessing and tracking your learning information.

- Katia | Shared Services Canada

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