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Discover the benefits to you as a learner

A dedicated tutor to help you every step of the way

Did you know that with traditional learning, you get less than 25% of the teacher’s attention per class? Benefit from exclusive one-on-one training with your tutor, who’ll adapt each session to your individual strengths and weaknesses. You’ll get the attention you’ll need to succeed in less time.

Accessible education for everyone

Our module content adheres to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. This means it’s accessible to you if you have hearing or vision impairments. All of our audio content has subtitles. Our module content also allows a screen reader such as JAWS to read the screen with a text-to-speech output.

Start your program at any time

We don’t have semesters so you can jump into your program at any point during the year. Once you’ve been assessed you can start your program in as little as 24 hours.

Never miss out on new and exciting opportunities for learning

Learn on your schedule! Access instant learning through our online multimedia curriculum of 1000+ hours of interactive English and French content.

An online & built-in learning community

Connect with tutors and learners in our online forum, where you’ll be able to discuss questions and tips! Learning is easier when you have a community behind you!

Guaranteed learning from the comfort of home

Online access to courses, materials, and tutors gives you the freedom to learn from anywhere. We’ve helped close to 30,000 public servant employees obtain their ESL and FSL proficiency levels.

Your schedule is our schedule

We’re here for you when life gets busy: our tutors are available from 6:00 a.m to midnight EST. Because we know the struggles of balancing a career with the rest of your life, you can reschedule your individual tutoring sessions with just 24 hours’ notice. Finally, a part of your schedule you get to control.

Easily track your progress

Our system logs your progress over time so you can celebrate how far you’ve come, see where you’re going, and get help in the areas you need it most.


The Second Language Evaluation (SLE) is a set of evaluations used to evaluate a candidate’s ability in their second official language in English or French in reading, writing, and oral proficiency.

The SLE evaluates different levels of proficiency: Level A, Level B, and Level C, with Level C being the highest. Those who cannot achieve this score are assigned an “X.” However, depending on a specific job and its requirements, a candidate may have at least earned Level B or Level C proficiency to qualify.

What our graduates say

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Shared Services Canada

At LRDG they are kind, caring, and supportive, yet not afraid to correct you, which is great! I’m very satisfied with the progress I’ve made with LRDG. When speaking with my partner and his family whom are francophone, they have noted there is an improvement in my proficiency and confidence.

- Selin | Shared Services Canada

Logos Military Family Services

Military Family Services (MFS) has been working in partnership for over four years with LRDG. The whole LRDG team has played a huge role in the modernization of adult second language training for Canadian Armed Forces families. Their language programs are adaptable and of high quality. The program delivery allows military families to learn in the comfort of their homes. This helps increase their confidence with speaking, where the local language is not their first language.

- Lisa Vaters | Military Family Services

Shared Services Canada

I am now capable of participating in meetings all in French, leading presentations, and giving employee trainings with no problems. Both tutors I had were very good in guiding me and helping me advance. They were very supportive and very accommodating. I also liked the ease of accessing and tracking your learning information.

- Katia | Shared Services Canada

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