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Discover the Benefits to You as a
Coordinator or Manager

Stay informed

Our proprietary learning management system (LMS) was built from the ground up specifically for your needs. It keeps you informed of your learners’ progress so you can ensure they’re progressing and you’re getting the highest return on your investment.

Maximize your language-training budget

Instantly identify learners who aren’t progressing as planned or need a little extra help to ensure the return on investment and maximize your language-training budget.

Track your ROI

Track how much you’re spending and the results your learners are getting. See your learners’ budget, attendance, and results!

Stay organized

Leave the paperwork to us! LRDG’s learning management system will automatically generate reports for YOU with information about your learners’ progress, your spending, and the results. Staying organized has never looked so easy. As a coordinator, you have 24/7 access to live data that you can easily export to Excel, PDF or print. LRDG has your back and all the information and reports to help you seek approval.

The Plan


Get your personalized language training plan for your team


Optimize your budget


Achieve your goals


Any position in public service requiring communication will require a candidate to be proficient in French and English at a specific level. Not having the requisite certifications is a major career barrier.

Manager positions typically have a minimum requirement of a BBB profile meaning someone has received a Level B in language proficiency for reading, writing, and oral. Most director-level positions require a CBC profile.

What Managers Say

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Shared Services Canada

At LRDG they are kind, caring, and supportive, yet not afraid to correct you, which is great! I’m very satisfied with the progress I’ve made with LRDG. When speaking with my partner and his family whom are francophone, they have noted there is an improvement in my proficiency and confidence.

- Selin | Shared Services Canada

Logos Military Family Services

Military Family Services (MFS) has been working in partnership for over four years with LRDG. The whole LRDG team has played a huge role in the modernization of adult second language training for Canadian Armed Forces families. Their language programs are adaptable and of high quality. The program delivery allows military families to learn in the comfort of their homes. This helps increase their confidence with speaking, where the local language is not their first language.

- Lisa Vaters | Military Family Services

Shared Services Canada

I am now capable of participating in meetings all in French, leading presentations, and giving employee trainings with no problems. Both tutors I had were very good in guiding me and helping me advance. They were very supportive and very accommodating. I also liked the ease of accessing and tracking your learning information.

- Katia | Shared Services Canada

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