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Our Tutors and Evaluators

We are proud to include in our team the best tutors and evaluators in the market, who are passionate, caring, and experienced in government exams.They are here to help you improve your language level and reach your goals.

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Our Pedagogical Advisors

Our pedagogical advisors offer premium support to learners and their respective tutors in order to optimize their learning and improve the overall experience of both learners and tutors

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Our Account Managers

Our dedicated account managers are one of the primary business contacts for our clients, tutors and learners. They are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction by providing excellent and continuous support in regards to your needs, goals and aspirations.

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Our Customer Success Team

Our entire team is focused on the customer experience – sales specialists, marketing masters, operations, customer service, quality assurance

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We are always looking for employees and tutors to challenge us and help us go further. Come work with us and help us to innovate the e-language learning.

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Our Values


The sense of belonging to the LRDG community is based on the organizational culture. This culture is characterized by a strong team spirit that binds all staff members and is the result of a management that has the interests of its stakeholders at heart. Our family culture and diversity are assets that we take care to highlight at every opportunity.


LRDG prides itself on its cultural diversity. We have dynamic teams made up of employees from all over the world, which represents the multicultural city that is Montreal. With the different generations at LRDG, we also benefit from many perspectives that allow us to see the big picture and move forward.


Innovation is part of LRDG’s identity. The spirit of entrepreneurship that reigns is a fundamental principle of our operation. We provide our members with the necessary tools to share and develop their ideas. We value curiosity and creative ideas that allow us to surpass ourselves.


The shared sense of making a difference in the lives of our clients is the driving force that guides our actions every day and motivates our employees. For us, language is a cultural asset to be cherished and shared. We care about success and support our clients and employees in all their efforts.


We build relationships based on mutual trust. Our actions are guided by the rigorous integrity we impose on ourselves to respect the trust of our clients. We strive to build transparent and honest relationships with our partners. Ethics is the central point of our ambitions.


Respect is the basis of our exchanges with all stakeholders in our community. Communication in which all voices have equal importance is a pillar in our pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement.

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