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Full-Time FSL Classes

Our French immersion program helps FSL learners go from complete beginners to achieving your FSL CBC proficiency levels in a little over a year. It includes 882 FSL tutoring hours, taken over the course of 60 weeks.

Full-Time FSL Classes are Perfect for…
FSL students of any level who want to improve their French language understanding and communication as quickly as possible.

Part-Time FSL Classes

For those unable to take full-time training, LRDG also offers flexible and highly effective part-time training programs, designed to help target your CBC proficiency levels.

Part-Time FSL Classes are Perfect for…
FSL students of any level with busy schedules. Receive coaching and practice in your free time with part-time FSL classes on a flexible schedule. Tutoring is available from 7am to 11pm EST, 7 days per week, and the online learning materials are available 24/7.

Improve Your French Language Skills and Reach Your Professional Goals

In Canada, a strong command of both official languages is required to advance to managerial and executive positions, especially for jobs in areas where many people speak French as a first language in bilingual designated areas like Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, and other main cities.

Learning French will expand your horizons, let you experience the joys of French culture in everyday life and help you take your career to new heights, as more than half of manager and director-level positions require a minimum of BBB.

To ascend to the highest professional levels in both the public and private sector, non-native French speakers need to acquire an in-depth understanding of French grammatical structures, syntax and vocabulary to communicate effectively in any situation.

With LRDG’s FSL programs, meeting the language requirements of bilingual positions is within your reach!

  • Tackle your Second Language Evaluation (SLE) tests (B & C levels) with confidence
  • Choose the program & schedule that works for you
  • Tutoring experts will guide you through the learning process
  • SLE training compatible with your schedule AND budget
  • Learn French YOUR way with a personalized study plan
  • Practice (and master) your speaking skills and gain familiarity with your second language

Get Your B & C Levels On The First Try!


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Along with our portal, you can work with our experienced tutors, professionals that have helped over 25,000 Government of Canada employees achieve their goals. We can help you too!

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The leading language provider for FSL students across canada

Since 2002, LRDG has been an innovator in the language industry in Canada. Our talented staff and excellent resources make an important difference in the daily lives of our students, helping them achieve success and helping LRDG become the leading language training provider to the federal government.

Our online language training is different from traditional classroom training. In contrast to the way learning French as a second language is approached at the secondary level and higher education institutions, we focus on personalization, attending to the individual interests and needs of each student.

Our blended learning approach offers a more tailored option. This methodology provides individuals and small groups with the ideal environment to develop their French language skills.

Our curriculum can help YOU and YOUR TEAM in all aspects of French language learning.

What You Get With the Course

  • 24/7 access to interactive online learning materials in your portal
  • Tutors available from 7am to 11 pm EST.
  • Oral comprehension and speaking activities
  • Create a schedule with your private language tutor that fits into your everyday life
  • Pedagogical support throughout your whole process
  • Quality control for user satisfaction
  • Progress tracking of each student, with a personalized and elaborate report after each session with a tutor
  • Weekly conversation hubs to prepare you for your SLE exam or for your everyday work challenges
  • FREE SLE Simulation tests throughout your studies

Teaching VS. Tutoring
for Second Language Learning

Our model is different

We focus on individuals and small groups. For every hour of coaching with your tutor, you get three extra hours of guided learning in your portal. This gives you the flexibility of learning on your terms, on your time. 

The three pillars of our methodology

  • Weekly practice/self study
  • Experienced tutors
  • Your learning portal

Learning Language: A Personal Experience

Learning a second language should be personal, interactive and evolving, in a way that gives students the chance to explore concepts, participate in discussions and overcome hurdles in a supportive and nurturing environment.

With a 90% PSC SLE test success rate since 2002, our program has helped thousands of public service employees and second language learners over the years. Choose LRDG and achieve your goals!

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Did you know ?

On top of that, you get a team of four continuously guiding you and supporting you towards language learning success. They are:

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A personal tutor

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A pedagogical advisor

hands holding orange sticky notes

A student success agent

Smiling man on a virtual call through a laptop, using big headset

A product specialist


There are several strategies to pass the Canadian government French exam, often referred to as the Second Language Evaluation (SLE). These include enrolling in a specialised language training program like those offered by LRDG, regular practice and immersion in French, and, lastly, simply understanding how tests are administered and best practices.

The French proficiency test for Canada is referred to as the Second Language Evaluation (SLE). This is a test used to assess a public service job candidate or employee’s proficiency in their second official language (English or French). The SLE consists of three parts: reading comprehension, written expression, and oral proficiency, in that order,

SLE tests are graded with three proficiency levels: Level A, Level B, and Level C. In this system, Level C is the most advanced level. The level obtained in writing, reading, and oral evaluations are used to create a candidate’s profile, such as BBB or CBC.

What our graduates say

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Shared Services Canada

At LRDG they are kind, caring, and supportive, yet not afraid to correct you, which is great! I’m very satisfied with the progress I’ve made with LRDG. When speaking with my partner and his family whom are francophone, they have noted there is an improvement in my proficiency and confidence.

- Selin | Shared Services Canada

Logos Military Family Services

Military Family Services (MFS) has been working in partnership for over four years with LRDG. The whole LRDG team has played a huge role in the modernization of adult second language training for Canadian Armed Forces families. Their language programs are adaptable and of high quality. The program delivery allows military families to learn in the comfort of their homes. This helps increase their confidence with speaking, where the local language is not their first language.

- Lisa Vaters | Military Family Services

Shared Services Canada

I am now capable of participating in meetings all in French, leading presentations, and giving employee trainings with no problems. Both tutors I had were very good in guiding me and helping me advance. They were very supportive and very accommodating. I also liked the ease of accessing and tracking your learning information.

- Katia | Shared Services Canada

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