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LRDG Awarded Standing Offer to Provide Online Language Tutoring to Canadian Government Employees

LRDG Awarded Standing Offer to Provide Online Language Tutoring to Canadian Government Employees

Million-dollar software upgrade expands digital accessibility, fluency outcomes of leading e-learning platform

Language Research Development Group (LRDG) Inc., the premier French and English language learning platform in Canada, is pleased to announce it has been awarded one of the first-ever National Master Standing Offers for online-based official language tutoring and self-study programs.

The Department of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) awarded LRDG a three-year, federal standing offer on December 1, 2022, that can be extended for 2 additional years, pre-approving its state-of-the-art remote language platform for use by Canada’s 350,0000 public-sector employees. The status makes it one of just two companies pre-qualified to provide language e-learning and tutoring to government learners.

This award represents 20 years of financial investment and development by LRDG in re-inventing and re-imagining the official language learning industry in Canada, which has burdened second-language learners under a rigid, antiquated learning model that has failed to deliver results. It’s another important step towards our ultimate goal, to help as many government employees as possible,” said Jeremy Frohlich, COO.

LRDG empowers government workers to comply with Canada’s equal language requirements and advance their careers through its optimized, flexible e-learning system. LRDG utilizes expert tutoring professionals and personalized learning paths to significantly increase the likelihood of passing Second Language Evaluations (SLEs) on a first attempt, resulting in overall time and monetary savings.

More than 30,000 language learners have been tutored through LRDG services since 2002, and its unique pedagogical methodology has resulted in a maintained 90% success rate on Public Service Commission (PSC) SLE Tests.

The standing offer award follows a two-year, $1 million investment to upgrade LRDG’s back-end infrastructure, user experience, and performance while simultaneously bringing it into compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standards. This rating means LRDG’s platform and content is usable to people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, learning and neurological disabilities.
Numerous suppliers and language schools submitted applications during the approval phase, and LRDG obtained the highest score in its technical review. Language programs were scrutinized on their ability to support large-scale use, information security, internal human resources, quality and experience, and compliance with various requirements for federal government contractors.

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About Language Research Development Group (LRDG) Inc
During the amazing journey of the first 20 years, LRDG has been the trusted and leading provider to federal government departments, hospitals, businesses, and individuals, offering an innovative and proven approach to language learning with a focus on French and English. LRDG’s source of pride is having helped over 30,000 learners in mastering a second language, enabling them to work in both official languages and advance their careers.