How to Learn French as a Second Language

The French language is beautiful, as is French culture and French literature. Those that have enjoyed learning French in the past know how satisfying it can be to integrate the language into your everyday life, and students the world over continue to improve their French skills, whether the reason is personal or professional.

However, not everyone is a lifelong student or has time to take language courses for years to make a second language a larger part of their daily lives. Some people are busy, and some are  learning French for purely professional reasons. 

Learning the French Language in Canada

A strong command of both official languages is a great feather in your cap whether you’re a Canadian from Vancouver, Ontario, or Quebec. It also opens doors for you in the work world.

For example, learning the language is a crucial skill for those that work or provide services in areas where French is predominant, such as Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, and other major cities. In fact, if you don’t speak French and live in those locations, taking a French language program or online course is practically a necessity.

French programs are also required to advance to managerial and executive positions in the Canadian public service. Not only will learning French expand your horizons, it will help you take your career to new heights. Did you know that more than half of managerial and director-level positions in the Canadian government require a minimum language assessment of BBB?  

(For those that don’t know, language proficiency assessments are graded from beginner to advanced, with an A-level assessment being the lowest level and C-level assessments being the highest.)

Improve Your French Skills with LRDG

Improve Your French Skills with LRDG

If you want to rise to the highest professional levels in both the public and private sector, learning or improving your knowledge of French grammatical structures, syntax and vocabulary is a must. If you want to communicate effectively in French in any situation, you need LRDG. 

Their French as a second language (FSL) courses are a great way to get ahead quickly and easily, especially if you’re interested in hitting your levels for the Canadian public service. 

Personalized Language Plans

One of LRDG’s greatest advantages is their ability to make a plan that works for anyone, no matter what their limitations. They have tutoring experts that will guide you through the learning process, but more than that, they can help you learn French in a way customized specifically to you. 

Flexible Scheduling

LRDG makes it easy for you to learn by adapting to your own schedule and preferred workflow. After an initial consultation, in which LRDG will assess your current level of skill, you’ll be set up with access to the learning portal and your tutor. 

Budget Friendly Language Learning

Along with tailoring their language products based on your schedule and level of understanding, LRDG takes a blended approach to learning with a methodology that provides individuals and small groups with the ideal environment in which to develop their French language skills – all at a great price.

What Sets LRDG Apart?

LRDG’s second language learning approach offers three hours of guided learning for every one hour you spend with your tutor. By focusing on individuals and small groups, they can hyper-target your weaknesses, and build your strengths.

What’s more, learning the French language with LRDG means you get a team of four to guide you, including your product specialist, personal tutor, pedagogical advisor and your student success agent. 

In the last 20 years, LRDG has helped thousands of public service employees reach their language targets, through second language evaluation testing all with an incredible 90% success rate! If you want 24/7 access to interactive online learning materials, weekly conversation classes, tutors available from the early morning until late at night, and a second language schedule that works for you, get in touch with LRDG today. 

You can start for just $62.50 per week!


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