English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

As a beginner, you can develop your English skills to get your CBC proficiency levels in just a little over a year!

Master Your Second Language to Reach Your Professional Goals

Learning English can take your career to new heights, but in order to work in more than one language, non-native speakers of English need to develop fluent speaking, efficient reading and effective writing skills.

With ESL classes, meeting the language requirements of bilingual positions is within your reach!

  • Tackle your Second Language Evaluation (SLE) tests (B & C levels) with confidence
  • Tutoring experts will guide you through the learning process
  • Learn English YOUR way with a personalized study plan
  • Choose the schedule that works for you
  • SLE training compatible with your schedule AND budget
  • Practice (and master) your speaking skills and gain familiarity with your second language

Get Your B & C Levels On The First Try!

The Plan

1 - Get Your Personalized Plan

Schedule a call with us to evaluate your level of English knowledge and comprehension

2 - Get Access

Get access to your portal and your private ESL English tutor

3 - Achieve Your Goals

Get your B and C levels by mastering your language skills

Meet Your Tutors

Using our portal, you can be paired with our experienced tutors: professionals that have helped over 25,000 Government of Canada employees achieve their goals. We can help you too! 

LRDG: A Leading Language Provider With the Resources and Staff to Meet the Needs of ESL Students Across Canada

Since 2002, we have been innovators in the language industry, which is why we have become the leading language training provider to the Government of Canada.

Our online language training is different from traditional classroom training. In contrast to the way teaching English as a second language is approached in secondary schools and higher education institutions, we focus on the individual needs of each learner.

Through an active, hands-on approach, our online training gives individuals and small groups the ideal environment to develop their second language skills. Our pioneering language training focuses on individual needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, which has helped thousands of people read, write and speak English with great proficiency.

Our curriculum can help YOU and YOUR TEAM in all aspects of English language learning.

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Teaching VS. Tutoring for Foreign Language Learning

Our system is different - we focus on individuals and small groups. For every hour of coaching with your tutor, you get three extra hours of guided learning in your portal. This gives you the flexibility of learning whenever and wherever you want. 

For people with a native language other than English, learning the subtleties of English grammar and syntax can be truly daunting. Learning a second language should be personal, interactive and evolving, in a way that is similar to first language acquisition. Our approach helps non-native speakers overcome these stumbling blocks by creating a supportive environment that responds to individual needs. 

The three pillars of our methodology are:

  • Weekly practice/self study
  • Experienced tutors
  • Your learning portal

On top of that, you get a team of four continuously guiding you and supporting you towards language learning success. They are:

  • A product specialist
  • A personal tutor
  • A pedagogical advisor
  • A student success agent

With a 90% PSC SLE test success rate since 2002, our program has helped thousands of public service employees and second language learners over the years. Choose LRDG and achieve your goals!

What You Get With The Course

  • 24/7 access to interactive online learning materials in your portal
  • Tutors available from 7am to 11 pm EST.
  • Oral comprehension and speaking activities
  • Create a schedule with your private language tutor that fits into your everyday life
  • Pedagogical support throughout your whole process        
  • Quality control for user satisfaction        
  • Progress tracking of each student, with a personalized and elaborate report after each session with a tutor        
  • Weekly conversation hubs to prepare you for your SLE exam or for your everyday work challenges
  • FREE SLE Simulation tests throughout your studies

Starting at $62.50 per week

Achieve your levels with a combination of online learning and one-on-one attention with SLE-experienced tutors.

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