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LRDG Appoints New COO to Drive Company’s Growth

LRDG Appoints New COO to Drive Company’s Growth

Language Research Development Group (LRDG) Inc, the leading online language learning platform in Canada, offering a unique blend of tutoring expertise and online learner community support, announced today the promotion of Jeremy Frohlich, Business Development Director, to Chief Operating Officer (COO).

I am exceptionally proud of Jeremy’s contribution to leading the company to where we are today, fast-growing, client-focused, and ready for global diversification. His appointment as COO is a well-deserved recognition of his achievements. As LRDG is on the verge of achieving new levels of success, I am looking forward to working with Jeremy as the trusted leader and entrepreneurial spirit to take LRDG into the future.” says Julius Frohlich, CEO of LRDG.

Jeremy first joined the company in 2013 after graduating from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business. Working in sales and eventually management, he contributed to expanding LRDG’s business with the Government of Canada over the course of 5 years before a 2-year endeavor with an e-commerce startup.

Jeremy returned as Business Development Director and worked alongside the CEO and senior management to lead the digital transformation across all departments and scale the company to better serve the government of Canada and prepare for international markets. Jeremy is a lifelong learner, having just completed his MBA at McGill University, and is already looking for the next growth opportunity. In his personal time, Jeremy is a competitive athlete, avid reader, and proud dog dad and husband.

LRDG is a pioneer in the online professional language learning industry. Since 2002, well before Covid and today’s edtech apps, LRDG has provided innovative language solutions based on a unique approach to online learning, using a blended methodology with one-on-one tutoring. We are strategically positioned for the future, and I could not be more excited to bring our exciting roadmap of innovative solutions to life,” says Jeremy Frohlich, COO of LRDG.

About Language Research Development Group (LRDG) Inc
During the amazing journey of the first 20 years, LRDG has been the trusted and leading provider to federal government departments, hospitals, businesses, and individuals, offering an innovative and proven approach to language learning with a focus on French and English. LRDG’s source of pride is having helped over 30,000 learners in mastering a second language, enabling them to work in both official languages and advance their careers.