LRDG 18-Hour SLE: Get There Faster

In need of some SLE support? Check out our innovative 18-hour SLE preparation program!

Do you have an urgent need to get your levels? Want to accelerate the process without compromising the quality of your language training?

LRDG’s innovative 18-Hour SLE Preparation program allows you to do exactly that.

Here’s how it works: a streamlined, condensed SLE preparation program, designed for more advanced French (or English) speakers, delivered over 18 hours of learning (eg. six blocks of 3-hour sessions).  

You benefit from LRDG’s proven methodology and tutoring resources in an abbreviated format. No supplementary self-study is required – you’ll complete everything you need during those 18 hours.

Included in the accelerated (intensive) SLE prep is a Simulevalution (simulation of the PSC oral test).

  • What is the format of the Simulevaluation? The Simulevaluation is comprised of 4 sections, and generally takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.
  • Who are the ideal candidates for the Simulevaluation? Simulevaluation candidates are generally those who have completed B- or C- levels previously, or those who have previously failed to achieve their SLE. Other candidates include employees who have already received a test date from the PSC.  
  • What is the outcome of the Simulevaluation? Based on your Simulevaluation results, LRDG will propose a course plan, helping you target areas of difficulty for the final SLE Prep Training and where to focus. 

Who is this program suited to?

This is the ideal opportunity for groups of 2-5 individuals who are obtaining or renewing their SLE levels. Ongoing tutoring support within the group setting means sharing the learning process, speeding it up for everyone.

Most learners in this program are advanced – at LRDG Module 12 to achieve a Level B, or Module 15 to achieve a Level C. Your evaluation will determine your eligibility for this program.

LRDG’s small group setting and flexible scheduling result in a more intuitive path to getting your SLE levels. Our success rate of 90% speaks to the quality of our methodology.

Whether you are in need of a brief refresher or simply want to prepare for the test content in a practical and applied sense, the 18-Hour SLE session is suited to you.

Have questions concerning our scheduling, pricing, or overall training format? Our Product Specialists are here to provide all the information you need concerning the SLE accelerated stream. Click below to book a phone or online meeting with a professional. 

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