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How to Check Your SLE Test Results Online

How to Check Your SLE Test Results Online

Second Language Evaluation (SLE) test results for both French and English bilingual tests can all be viewed, confirmed, or requested online. Exactly how to do that depends on how you were tested and which exam you took.

Pas de souci! This LRDG guide combines and explains the most up-to-date information on checking or requesting SLE results from the Government of Canada.

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Public sector professionals often need to reference or obtain previous test results when entering a new hiring process or transferring to a new agency or department. Candidates who have recently been assessed and want to view their results can also find SLE test results online.

SLE Government of Canada French levels — and English levels — are valid for up to five years (though exceptions exist).

When Will You Receive SLE Test Results?

After taking a test, most departments and agencies send you a copy of your Second Language Evaluation Results within a few days. However, there are exceptions for tests taken with the Candidate Assessment Tool. Results for those tests are accessible through your Candidate Assessment Tool account.

You can learn about the SLE Evaluation results and what they mean in LRDG’s Evaluation guide.

Important: Second Language Evaluation test results can be requested for various reasons, including promotions, transfers, and new employment opportunities with other agencies. For this reason, always keep a digital and/or paper copy of your results in your own personal records.

Viewing Test Results Online

Currently, the only way to view your latest SLE test results online is through the Public Service Commission’s Candidate Assessment Tool. Online test results through the Assessment Tool should be available within 48 hours after your test deadline date, which can be found in the email invitation you receive to take the test.

You can access the Candidate Assessment Tool using your login information.

What if you didn’t use the Candidate Assessment Tool?

The Assessment Tool is only used for unsupervised versions of either the SLE reading or written tests, which became available beginning in October 2022.

If you recently were assessed in a supervised format or are looking to view your performance from a recent oral test session, those results have been provided to your hiring manager or supervisor and will be sent to you by them.

Where to Find SLE test results on the Candidate Assessment Tool

Online test results for the unsupervised versions of the SLE reading and writing exams can be accessed under the “My Tests” section in the Candidate Assessment Tool.

  1. Click MENU in the top left.
  2. Choose “My Tests.”
  3. Find the date you took your test in the list to view your test result.

Candidates can visit the Public Service Commission’s help page for more information and help with using the Candidate Assessment Tool.

How to Check or Obtain Previous SLE Test Results

Candidates can confirm, request and receive by email for any and all SLE test results in five business days by submitting a Test Result Confirmation E-form to the Public Service Commission of Canada. This includes any SLE tests taken using the Candidate Assessment Tool.

Access the Test Result Confirmation E-form by clicking here.

If hiring organizations request the results sooner, the PSC advises you to ask for more time.

Keep in mind you will only receive the latest result of each respective test. The PSC cannot provide a complete history of test results.

If you want to receive your results by paper, candidates can contact the Public Service Commission at:

Phone: 819-420-6686

Viewing Results after a SLE Test

Candidates who want to know their SLE results from the Government of Canada following an assessment can expect to receive a report in various ways depending on which test they took.

Oral Test Results

Candidates who have completed ​​an SLE French oral exam, known as the “Oral Language Assessment,” will have their results delivered to the agency or dept that requested the test within 5 business days.

The respective contact person, HR advisor or training manager should communicate your results to you soon after. The PSC advises that you follow up directly with this point of contact if you don’t receive your results when expected.

Supervised tests

Results from SLE reading and writing tests administered under the supervision of a test administrator within an agency are typically available in a few days.

The department or agency that commissioned your SLE test will send candidates a copy of their results. If you do not receive your results, the PSC recommends contacting them directly.

Online test
Results for supervised SLE tests taken online are available to respective HR advisors or test administrators within 24 hours of submitting the test. Those officials are instructed to forward those tests to you, typically in the form of a PDF.

Paper versions
If a supervised test was administered on paper (uncommon), the PSC will email the results to a respective HR advisor within 48 hours of receiving answer sheets. Those results will then be provided to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SLE testing?

The Second Language Evaluation (SLE) assesses English and French language proficiency through three tests: reading, writing, and oral communication. SLE testing is required for bilingual positions in the Canadian government​​.

What is the order of the SLE results?

SLE results are expressed in a three-letter format (e.g., CBC), indicating proficiency in the order of reading, writing, and oral skills — from beginner (A) to advanced (C) levels​​.

How long are SLE results valid?

SLE results typically remain valid for five years but can stay valid indefinitely if no role or department changes occur. Retests are required if language requirements for a position increase​​.

What is the meaning of the SLE exam?

The SLE exam is a mandatory assessment for Canadian public sector employees to verify their ability to effectively serve the public in both official languages, as mandated by official language laws​​.