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How LRDG’s Language Program and Evaluations Benefit Learners

How LRDG’s Language Program and Evaluations Benefit Learners

The Benefits of LRDG’s Language Program and Evaluations

Language skills in both of Canada’s official languages are essential for public sector employees. Here at LRDG, we offer a range of evaluation services for language learners to complete their Second Language Evaluation (SLE) Levels, which includes assessing reading comprehension, oral and written skills. Our personalized course plans combining evaluations and learning materials, help learners achieve their unique goals.

Our course plans include the learner’s starting level and training schedule, including the number of hours needed.

During our online evaluation process, a supervisor will be there every step of the way to ensure that the technology runs smoothly and provide proctoring during the recorded session. Each of our tests produces a detailed report that will is shared with learners to identify their areas of strength, areas needing improvement, and targeted strategies to help them achieve a higher score in future evaluations.

Reading Comprehension Evaluation

Our reading comprehension test quizzes learners on the different types of text they will come across most in the workplace, like memos, research articles, and emails. This timed multiple-choice evaluation will test the candidate’s ability to understand the overall text and pinpoint the main points in the text. From the results of this evaluation, we generate a report that helps candidates better understand their comprehension of texts and suggests specific actions to improve their skills further.

Oral Evaluation

Our oral evaluation looks at a candidate’s fluency, grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension. This tests learners’ abilities to understand and speak the language fluently. This includes answering workplace-related questions, listening and responding to audio recordings, and delivering a presentation on a given topic. Candidates complete their recorded testing through the virtual classroom software with a supervisor. This evaluation also produces a detailed feedback report that is included in our course plan, which helps candidates improve their learning by highlighting the areas they are skilled in and where they need to improve in their language delivery or comprehension.

The Learning Impact of our Evaluation Reports

Our evaluation reports help learners improve their learning by providing a detailed roadmap to success and tracking their progress. Our reports celebrate learners’ strengths while also highlighting key areas for improvement. This allows candidates to identify and focus on reviewing the skills they need to practice. 

Trust LRDG With Your Language Learning Needs

Our programs and evaluation services focus on each learner’s needs and are based on the Public Service Commission’s A, B, and C levels. We discuss each client’s needs and learning objectives and create a procedure from that conversation to tailor their learning toward that.

Here at LRDG, we can help you take your language skills and learning to the next level and set you up for success from start to finish. Give us a call and see why we run over 300 tests per month for learners just like you.


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