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Bilingual? These 5 industries are looking for you

Bilingual? These 5 industries are looking for you

Thanks to advances in technology and communication, the world is smaller than ever.

The need for bilingual or multilingual professionals has never been greater in such a globalized society. These language skills allow you to write snappy sales documents, chat confidently with clients, or read and interpret the latest quarterly report. Communicating fluently in a second language can do wonders for your resume and career and make you more competitive in the job market.

Bilingualism was also found to raise a person’s annual salary between 11% and 32% of non-bilingual employees, depending on which languages they speak.

By knowing another language, you can expect to be paid better on average and have more options when it comes to different industries and positions available to you.

Here is a list of 5 industries that prize employee bilingualism! Maybe you’ll find the career of your dreams in one of these fields!



Healthcare is an industry with a massive potential for bilingual employees working in the field, like doctors, nurses, and administrative staff.

Healthcare workers who speak more than one language can engage with even more patients who may not speak English. Language barriers can be particularly frustrating for patients because they can’t communicate freely with their healthcare provider. Therefore, having the ability to talk to someone who understands them improves patient care.

Particularly in Canada, bilingual home healthcare professionals are also in high demand. According to the 2021 Canadian Census, 63.8% of Canadians said that English is their most predominant language. Without bilingual workers, the Canadians who do not mainly speak English would find it difficult or be unable to communicate with their healthcare providers.

If you’re involved with the medical field, you’ll find a second language to be an excellent asset in patient care!



Teachers, instructors, and tutors are essential in any discipline. Speaking a second language as an educator can open doors to classrooms you may not have thought possible.

You could have the opportunity to travel to many different countries and teach there, or as many things have shifted online since the pandemic, you could bring your bilingual expertise online. You can teach students all over the world, and you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.

The type of teaching you do is also diverse. You could teach the languages you speak, or you could teach other subjects in those languages. Think of how many people you could help educate if you spoke another language!



Customer service is a huge industry. With retail, sales, and call centers increasing rapidly worldwide, this is a huge sector worth looking into if you speak multiple languages.

Being able to converse fluently with clients in more than one language is an incredibly useful skill. Your bilingual skills are hugely in demand because you can communicate with more clients and reach a broader customer base.

If you’re looking to work in international markets, bilingualism will allow you to have greater global mobility. If you’d like to stay closer to home, here in Montreal, Canada, where LRDG is located, we’ve experienced firsthand that there’s no shortage of bilingual customer service jobs!



Business and commerce connect on an international level. With everything moving at such a fast pace, there is no time for language barriers in business.

For example, when managing money exchanges, financial institutions and organizations depend on multilingual professionals to streamline communication and ensure quick understanding between parties.

For example, multilingual financial advisors and investment bankers are considered especially employable as they can seal a deal in more languages than one.
If you have a head for numbers and an ear for languages, you might find your dream job in the financial sector!



The tourism and hospitality industries are booming post-pandemic. Now that travel has resumed – and in a big way – they have seen a huge resurgence in customers and guests.

Resort managers, front desk representatives, and flight attendants are all examples of jobs where it’s expected – or highly beneficial – to speak a second language. Bilingualism helps workers better serve guests and customers in their native languages, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing, adventure-filled vacation without the stress of a communication barrier.

As a bilingual worker in the tourism or hospitality industry, your understanding of different languages can take you to different corners of the world! If you work domestically, your language skills can help you communicate with other Canadians and visitors to Canada who may not speak English. On the other hand, you could take your skills abroad.

These are only some options available to you as a bilingual speaker. When you speak a second language, the world is your oyster!


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