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We are a proudly Canadian company dedicated to offering you results-oriented English as a second language (ESL) and French as a second language (FSL) training.

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For 19 years, our vision has been to change the way government employees acquire and maintain their second language. That’s why at LRDG you’ll benefit from a flexible approach to learning, centered around YOUR needs and the Government of Canada’s official language proficiency requirements.

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How we became a trusted registered supplier to the Government of Canada:

  • By revolutionizing how to Effectively Learn a Language

    Back in 2002, our belief was that traditional classroom training, typically done in large groups with little personalization or opportunity for you to speak, was no longer effective. This reality is even more true today. We’re proud of our proven second language evaluation (SLE) success rate of 90% and the dozens of federal departments and crown corporations that have benefitted from our methodology.

  • By Caring and Committing to Your Success, From Day One!

    You're unique and so is the way you learn. We make sure to understand YOUR needs, so we can help you where you need it most, be it in reading, writing, listening, or speaking. For nearly two decades, we've been adapting our programs to support the success of over 30,000 clients from the Government of Canada. Come join us!

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Don't miss out on our ESL and FSL training programs, including SLE preparation. We also offer various ESL and FSL testing options such as oral evaluations, online diagnostic tests, competency testing, and PSC test simulations.

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