What is ESL Training?


English as a second language (ESL) training is designed to help students learn and master English skills as their second, or even third language. Students learning English in a country with a different official language would take English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses. ESL courses help students develop and improve their language skill in all areas, such as:


  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Writing

  • Reading

In the Canadian public service, knowledge of both official languages – English and French – is required. People who wish to work in these positions must have a CBC level in both languages, no matter which official language you learn first. LRDG’s ESL training helps beginner, intermediate, and advanced students achieve their ESL CBC proficiency levels within about a year’s time.

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Why Take English as a Second Language Training?

ESL students run the gamut from newly arrived immigrants and permanent residents who need to develop their English language skills to Canadian citizens who need to improve their second language skills to pursue higher education or positions within the federal government of Canada. 


Regardless of the motivation for pursuing ESL training, the wide-ranging benefits of improved English skills come in handy in aspects parts of life:

  • Improved reading and writing skills make it easier to understand and respond to official communications from a wide range of institutions. 

  • Speaking and listening skills are essential for most  work environments, but, more importantly, they permit in-depth conversations and help people develop new relationships. Your next-door neighbour might be your next best friend!

  • A better overall understanding of English allows learners to expand their knowledge and explore their interests through books, movies, television programs and more. 


Another perk is that companies in Canada often pay bilingual employees higher salaries because they are a major asset in the job market. Companies aim to target a diverse clientele, so having employees who speak both English and French allows them to achieve that goal and make higher profits. Being fluent in both languages will not only improve your financial situation, it will also help you find a new job faster. As they say, knowledge is power!

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How Do I Improve my English Language Skills?

At LRDG, our ESL training is unique because they accommodate your needs with flexible scheduling, a personalized approach, and support from Day 1. Students are given around-the-clock access to online materials and can speak with several ESL professionals during or outside of their language classes.   

If your first language isn’t English, LRDG can help you to meet the language levels set out by the Public Service Commission. When you apply for one of our language programs, we will have you complete a preliminary oral evaluation. It is a sort of language assessment to facilitate your placement in one of our 16 online language-learning modules and our second language evaluation (SLE) preparation program.

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